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Four Hugs a Day...and Slime Keeps the Doctor Away. Slime helps bring smiles and hugs to people.

“Hug deprivation is real. You need eight hugs a day for maintenance. Hugs reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, calm muscles, release dopamine and build trust. More hugs, more healing.”—author unknown.


I promised myself when I relaunched Psycho Slimes into Rain City Slimes six weeks ago I would write blogs more often. But do you want the #truth? I struggled to write another post because I am not a writer. I wasn’t sure if I had anything interesting to say.

So, I have worked up the nerve to sit and write! Rain City Slimes started as my little one’s vision of a business—and now my little one is thirteen! Yes, I realize that she is now a teenager (gulp!), but she is my youngest, so she will always be my little one no matter what.

She’s been sick this week, #momlife, even though I hate that, I have to say I’ve enjoyed all the extra snuggles and bedtime cuddles. I know once she is better, she will no longer want or need those. If only we were warned, that one day, without notice, our children will be repelled by our hugs. It happened with my son, and I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t expecting it—I didn’t know S.H.A.— #SuddenHugAllergy was even a thing. I naively thought my children would be happy to receive my hugs forever.

I wasn’t going to be blindsided by S.H.A. twice, so to prep my mama heart for the rejection, I asked my daughter, “When you feel like you don’t want my hugs anymore, please can you give me a week’s notice?” Thankfully, she still (begrudgingly) accepts my morning hugs and goodnight kisses. But I know she will be putting in her one week’s notice soon and I’m afraid.

With her not feeling well, I have fallen behind on so much, but I have chosen to be present while she is home, spending time with her while she recuperates. I don’t want to get all #HallmarkMovie on you, but I consider every cuddle, every snuggle, and every request a reward because these may have to last me a while once she is feeling like herself again.

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World-renowned family therapist #VirginiaSatir said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.”

Are you getting enough hugs?

  • 12 hugs a day, I'm growing

  • 8 hugs a day, I'm maintaining

  • 4 hugs a day, I'm surviving

  • 0-3 hugs a day, I need a hug

Now, I know as parents we are not supposed to resort to bribery, but when it comes to hugs, and making sure we get our quota, I say we can bend the rules a little. I know for certain that surprise #slime deliveries usually result in a hug or two. Slime helps bring smiles and hugs to people! I am sure they are a pretty good cure for S.H.A. too. Well worth it, I’d say.

Not sure which slimes are hug worthy? Check out Flower Power and Cherry Blossom. Pop them in your cart and let me know if hugs are dished out once they arrive. I can’t guarantee the hug, but I’m pretty certain there will be smiles all round.

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