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About Us

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Meet our Chief Slime Officer

My name is Jessie and I am the Founder and CSO (Chief Slime Officer) of the original Pyscho Slimes. Together with my Mom, we worked hard to turn my dream into reality. We did it!


Our slime recipes have been tested, and little slimer approved! 

We're a Canadian business that has grown over the last few years and I'm so excited to see it launch into Rain City Slimes. Our original slimes and DIY kits were created through the pandemic, giving kids around the neighborhood something fun to create while being home. When Psycho Slimes started I was 10 and I can't believe how much its grown, just like me.

My mom is now the full time owner and operator of Psycho Slimes - now Rain City Slimes and she was even able to quit her job of 20 years! Thanks for all your positive reviews! Keep sliming!

Our Slime Family

Jessie Rain City Slimes


Hi! I'm Jessie, your Chief Slime Officer. I love creating new slimes for you to enjoy and am super excited to be part of this slime family. I'm working behind the scenes now creating content for our social media pages.

My favourite colour is purple and my absolute favourite slime is Blueberry Boba. Check it out here!

Rainy Rain City Slimes


I'm Rainy...I LOVE the rain! I am a sucker for a good mud puddle and dancing in the rain is my favourite. One of the best things to do in the rain is to play with my best friend Mike Drop. I think the best slime is the Rainbow Unicorn, I just love the colours and the way it inflates. I think you'll like it too!

Sonny Swirl Rain City Slimes

Sonny Swirl

Sonny is my name, and twirling's my game! I love mixing, stretching and swirling my slime. My go to slime is Jelly slime, it can smell like anything you want. Cotton candy, honey dipped, chocolate chip mint are just a few.  I can't wait for you to smell them.

Bobby Bubbles Rain City Slimes

Bobby Bubbles 

Booyah! Bobby here - I might be biased but my favourite slime is the Sunshine Bingsu. Bingsus make my slime pop, sizzle, and crunch. The best part is they sparkle too! 

Izzy and Fizzy Rain City Slimes

Izzy and Fizzy

We're Izzy and Fizzy, the funnest clouds in all the sky. The cloud slimes are the fluffiest, puffiest, fuzziest slimes in the family. Cotton Candy Slime looks exactly like real cotton candy, that's why it's our favourite. 

Mike Drop Rain City Slimes

Mike Drop

Yo yo yo! It's Mike Drop here! I'm the jazziest, snazziest rain drop in rainy city Vancouver. I come from a long line of clear slimes, just like Blue Lagoon, the coolest slime in the bunch. Mike Drop!  

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