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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I mix different slimes together?
    Absolutely you can! You can create super cool slime by mixing different bases and textures together.
  • What happens if I get slime in my hair or on my clothes?
    It's a parents #1 question, great's no problem! You can use white vinegar and warm water to remove slime that gets on clothes or in your hair. Be generous with the white vinegar
  • How long does slime last?
    Great question, that depends on how hot or cold it is in your house and how you're storing it. Cloud slimes will last the longest and butter slimes are the second longest. Our first cloud is going on 3 years old! We’re keeping it as a science experiment now! 😂 Clear base slimes will melt sooner but most slimes can last longer if you add the special activator that comes with them. Always leave your slime in a container that doesn't let air in.
  • My slime is stiff and/or breaks when stretched. Can I fix it?
    Yes you can! 😁 You can use white school glue or hand lotion and start by adding 1 tsp to your slime. Continue to stretch and pull your slime until it loosens a bit. Keep adding 1 tsp at time until you get the desired stretch. *For Clear base slimes use clear glue or liquid glycerin.
  • My slime is sticky or “melted”. Can I fix it?
    Yes you can! 🙂 Mix the Borax packet (provided with your order) with 1 cup warm water until dissolved. This is your activator. Add your activator 1 tsp at a time until your slime pulls back together.
  • I added Borax powder to my slime without diluting it first. Can I fix my slime?
    Sorry there is no fixing your slime. 😌 (Our Borax packets contain 1 tsp Borax that should be diluted in 1 cup of water. This will make approximately 8 cups of slime.)
  • Does your slime have Borax in it and is it safe?
    Borax is the main activator ingredient in our slimes. Borax is a mineral that is used in many of our household products like detergent, cosmetics, and contact lens solution. There is less than 1/8th of a tsp in each 8oz. slime. Slimes should never be ingested. Many of them smell delicious, but they are not for eating.
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