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Our Rain City Slime Story

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I wouldn't be writing this blog if it wasn't for my amazing and creative daughter, Jessie.

We were all hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic and many of us, kids included, felt lonely and missed our friends. We were all kind of stuck at home.

While home, Jessie loved making slime and had a knack for it. She was always Facetiming with friends, showing them how to make it or trying to tell them how to fix their failed attempts. She came to me one day feeling bad for her friends that didn't know how to make it and couldn't get the supplies to try. She asked if we could make slime kits that her friends could pick up, and then they could Facetime with Jessie and learn how to make slime, also giving them a way to spend time together. How could I say no?

We got things together and started making kits for friends. Everyone loved the idea! Word got out and people started asking if they could purchase slime kits for gifts and if they could buy already made slime just to play with, without the mess of making it.

Jessie didn't skip a beat! That night she came up with a name and logo. She drew it out and

handed it to me... and so Psycho Slimes was born!

I am not tech savvy and would never have thought I'd be able to create and build a website, let alone build it and make a business out of it! Of course, the pandemic ended and we all got back to our routines including Jessie going back to school. I had to take on more of the slime responsibilities and made the decision to take on slime full time and quit my job of more than 20 years!

Building this business has been such an incredible journey. I have learned a lot. I've been able to share this experience with my daughter and our family. As the business has grown and I've taken the lead role I have also seen it mature and evolve. I felt it needed something lighter and brighter to represent the feelings that sliming evokes in us and something that represents where we're from, and where it's made. I think we nailed it! Welcome to Rain City Slimes!

This re-brand was a family affair and I couldn't have pulled this off without my husband's input for our new name, my 'lil sister's creative and tech savvy skills building our new website and creating such a perfect Logo and slime characters, and my cuz by luv Juliana's creative input into our slime family character's stories. Thank you all, truly. Slime isn't just for kids. I've seen it bring smiles to faces of all ages. It might seem simple but it's the little things that bring us joy isn't it? Bring yourself some joy, check out our shop today.

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Apr 15, 2023

Looks great ladies! The name change, website!! All the best.


Apr 15, 2023

Amazing story and great name!! Wishing Rain City Slimes all the very best ☔️


Apr 14, 2023

Great story and great slime!

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